Luminary Advisory and Consulting

Advisory & Consulting

We are committed to creating safe and encouraging spaces that allow teams and individuals to explore a new everyday experience. We bring strategic simplicity to complex challenges that organisations face by implementing alignment, design and conversations which mobilise action. Our areas of speciality include:

Strategy Formulation

We believe that strategy formulation is never about gaining consensus but creating alignment which mobilises people for action. Arriving at that kind of alignment is never by accident but by design. We combine different methodologies to bring simplicity to strategy facilitation.

Culture Transformation

We work with leaders to bring to their awareness that the culture they want to transform is the same culture they are subconsciously trying to protect and preserve. We help leaders explore what a new everyday experience should look like, and we map a way of getting there through action.

Personal Mastery

We work with organisations who seek to unleash employee potential and embed a culture of learning through individual coaching, group coaching and personality assessments.

Leadership Development

We partner with leaders to build and nurture the practice of leadership in their organisations through meaningfully designed learning and development programmes. We aim to protect and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Process Facilitation

We combine different facilitation frameworks and methodologies to bring simplicity to seemingly complex challenges and complex conversations.

Change Management

We work with organisations to crystallise and align on the organisational needs and strategic direction throughout the change management journey. Our team develops and implements meaningful internal marketing, communication and strategies to support throughout the change management journey.