Luminary Advisory and Consulting

Luminary is an organisational development advisory consultancy which aims to inspire, motivate and elevate the thinking in organisations.

At Luminary, when we think of any solution, we start with the people in mind. We believe in building, creating and elevating systems and work environments where human beings are able to thrive, ensuring that any intended transformation will sustain. We are committed to creating safe and encouraging spaces that allow teams and individuals to explore a new everyday experience. We bring strategic simplicity to complex challenges that leaders face by implementing alignment, design and conversations which mobilise action.



To exercise care and acknowledgement of everyone’s story in our engagements


To be virtuous in all our engagements, with clients, suppliers, associates and acquaintances. Act in ways that exhibit truthfulness, integrity and high moral ground. Be willing to absorb the consequences that come with the choices we make as a business.


To be fully present in our work with clients


Produce work that has meaningful social and functional utility for the people impacted by it.


Experience great pleasure and happiness when we do our work, and for our clients to experience the same when they work with us.


Experience a sense of achievement for us (inspire, motivate, teach) and for our clients, experience a shift as a result of our work.

Inspire, Motivate & Teach

In all our interactions, it is our mission to inspire, motivate and teach with the aim to elevate awareness