Tinashe Ribatika

Associate Luminary & Facilitator


Tinashe is an Associate Luminary  at Luminary Advisory & Consulting. He is an accredited Professional Behavioral Analyst and a Leadership, and Team development facilitator. His keen interest is in disruptive innovation. Tinashe believes that all employees have skills and talents that they are often unaware of and his expertise is revealing and harnessing these talents in the workplace. An organizations’ biggest profit potential lives within its people and Tinashe’s goal is to carve out this competitive edge.


Tinashe has over 10 years experience in New Product Development, Brand and Sales Management with a keen interest in disruptive innovation. As an accredited behavioral analyst, he seeks to identify motivators in employees to increase overall performance, therefore increase in bottom line. Everyone has unique talents that they are often unaware of, and his job is to develop greater self-awareness, personal effectiveness and interpersonal effectiveness in organizations. Tinashe has expertise in Leadership development, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Sales Training, Recruitment, Communication Skills and Customer Service.


Tinashe’s passion lies within bringing the best out organizations single most important value, Its people. Employees who know themselves and Leaders who know their employees form the most effective teams and his goal is always to harness these relationships into profit. A creative at heart, Tinashe is always looking to  implement strategies that are simple yet disruptive.

An aspiring Masterchef, Tinashe enjoys cooking and is an avid sports fan. He also a enjoys running.

Contact Info

Email : tinashe@luminaryac.co.za