Associate Luminary, Registered Constituent Assessor and Facilitator


Shari is an Associate Luminary of Luminary Advisory & Consulting. She is a process and content facilitator focusing on Team development, Strategy, Customer Centricity, Marketing, Communications, Leadership, Change management and Socioeconomic learnings strongly linked to the generic management practices. Shari is also a facilitator of SAQA NQF accredited programmes.  Her interests are focused on building capacity of individuals so that they can better contribute to their countries holistic well-being. She is a member of the Duke Corporate Education Global Educator Network


Shari has over 11 years experience across industries in Marketing, Communications, Leadership, Strategy, Assessing and Facilitation. Shari’s roles have largely included Senior General Management and Programme Management roles in private, government, academia and executive education. She is a registered assessor with ServicesSETA, CATHSETA, BANKSETA, MICTSETA, MerSETA and W&R Seta.


Shari is a strong believer that we are all placed on earth to be a stepping stone for the next person. Her facilitation is therefore strongly entrenched in the belief that human beings will always “do good”, extreme focus on the positives will outweigh the negative aspects of Team development, Strategy, Customer Centricity, Marketing, Communications, Leadership and Socioeconomic learnings.

During her spare time she is an avid sports fanatic, with her love for Football, Basketball, Rugby and Formula 1 on preferably Live TV and at various sporting grounds globally.

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