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The Luminaries and their vision

Zoya’s knowledge of the content – High Performance Teams – was exceptional. She was on both occasions able to hold the attention of the participants. First impression of Zoya may be deceiving, however her calm demeanor is the key that holds it together.

– Tebello Mokhema, Project Director, Duke Corporate Education

Shari has a lot of energy and I experienced her facilitating the Change Fit piece, her energy helped to bring the participants back to focus after being shocked by the Global Disruption piece. She managed the Senior Management level very well. Her knowledge of the content came through in the manner that she was able to adapt it to the issues that the participants were raising.

– Tebello Mokhema, Project Director, Duke Corporate Education

About us

The word Luminary comes from the Latin word ‘lumen or lumin” which means light. As a noun, Luminary means a person who inspires others, at Luminary we believe our work inspires and motivates people to find their light, either individually or as a collective.

Welcome, we hope to get an opportunity to engage and learn together in the process…We do not claim to have all the answers but we commit to creating a space, a platform where together we can find those answers that will have social utility for your environment, in a way that is pragmatic, and appreciating of the wisdom that sits in your organisation.

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