at Luminary we believe our work inspires and motivates people to find their light, either individually or as a collective.

Our Values


To exercise care and acknowledgement of everyone’s story in our engagements.


To be virtuous in all our engagements, with clients, suppliers, associates and acquaintances. Act in ways that exhibit truthfulness, integrity and high moral ground. Be willing to absorb the consequences that come with the choices we make as a business.


To be fully present in our work with clients.


Produce work that has meaningful social and functional utility for the people impacted by it.


Experience great pleasure and happiness when we do our work, and for our clients to experience the same when they work with us.


Experience a sense of achievement for us (inspire, motivate, teach) and for our clients, experience a shift as a result of our work.

“It’s not enough any more for companies to be efficient. They also have to be able to change as fast as change itself, to be deeply innovative and to be inspiring places to work.”

– Gary Hamel, “What really matters now”

“A manager’s ability to turn meetings into a Thinking Environment is probably an organization’s greatest asset”

– Nancy Kline, “Time To Think”

“As long as they are well intentioned, mistakes are not a matter for shame but for learning,”

– Margaret Heffernan . “Beyond Measure: The Big Impact of Small Changes”

About us

The word Luminary comes from the Latin word ‘lumen or lumin” which means light. As a noun, Luminary means a person who inspires others, at Luminary we believe our work inspires and motivates people to find their light, either individually or as a collective.

Welcome, we hope to get an opportunity to engage and learn together in the process…We do not claim to have all the answers but we commit to creating a space, a platform where together we can find those answers that will have social utility for your environment, in a way that is pragmatic, and appreciating of the wisdom that sits in your organisation

Who are we?

Meet the Luminaries

  • Fortune Gamanya

    Chief Luminary and Facilitator

    Fortune is the Founder and Chief Luminary  of Luminary Advisory & Consulting. She is a  Strategy, Lean Management, Leadership, and Team development facilitator. She is a member of the Duke Corporate Education Global Educator Network. She also teaches Lean Thinking on Executive Education Programmes at UCT GSB ExecEd and the Former Programme Director of the Lean Leadership Program at UCT GSB. Fortune is interested in Leadership Practices that create organisations that are fit for human beings, which is the title of her dissertation. She is an accredited Balanced Scorecard Professional  (Balanced Scorecard Institute in conjunction with the George Washington University)

  • Tinashe Ribatika

    Associate Luminary & Facilitator

    Tinashe is an Associate Luminary  at Luminary Advisory & Consulting. He is an accredited Professional Behavioral Analyst and a Leadership, and Team development facilitator. His keen interest is in disruptive innovation. Tinashe believes that all employees have skills and talents that they are often unaware of and his expertise is revealing and harnessing these talents in the workplace. An organizations’ biggest profit potential lives within its people and Tinashe’s goal is to carve out this competitive edge.

  • Shari Mattera

    Associate Luminary, Registered Constituent Assessor and Facilitator

    Shari is an Associate Luminary of Luminary Advisory & Consulting. She is a process and content facilitator focusing on Team development, Strategy, Customer Centricity, Marketing, Communications, Leadership, Change management and Socioeconomic learnings strongly linked to the generic management practices. Shari is also a facilitator of SAQA NQF accredited programmes.  Her interests are focused on building capacity of individuals so that they can better contribute to their countries holistic well-being. She is a member of the Duke Corporate Education Global Educator Network.

  • Zoya Mabuto

    Associate Luminary And Facilitator

    Zoya is an Associate of Luminary Advisory and Consulting and Founder and MD of Zoya Speaks. She is a Professional Speaker, Facilitator and Public Speaking Coach. She uses Public Speaking to assist individuals and organisations harness their leadership and competitive edge. As a facilitator, her areas of focus are Leadership, Team Development, Personal Branding and Presentation Skills. She is a member of the Duke Corporate Education Global Educator Network and is an Accredited Purposeful Teams Facilitator by Worldsview Academy.

  • Tammy Matose

    Associate Luminary

    Tammy is an Associate of Luminary Advisory and Consulting. She is a Communications Expert, Researcher and Facilitator.  She spent 17 years of her career in Media and Liaison roles for high profile individuals, namely His Excellency President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  Tammy did the transcription for the interviews that contributed to Tutu: The Authorised Biography”

  • Farah Guhwa

    Luminary Enabler

    Farah is the Luminary Enabler of Luminary Advisory & Consulting. She is highly competent, motivated and enthusiastic professional with experience working as part as a busy office environment. She is well organised and proactive in providing timely, efficient and accurate feedback to management and work colleagues. She is well presented and able to establish good working relationships with a range of different people.

What We Do

Our field of expertise is categorised into 4 areas, which are Facilitation, Consulting, Learning Solutions and Speaking Engagements. We work with a team of Luminaries to deliver on these areas:


Process Facilitation of high stake
conversations, these include:

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Strategy Refresh
  • Values Conversations
  • Cultural Integration
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Cohesion and Building


  • Implementation of Lean Management
  • Lean Thinking Culture Advisory
  • Change Management
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Talent Management Strategy

Learning Solutions

  • Leadership Development Programmes, tailored to business needs
  • Team Development Programmes
  • Lean Thinking
  • Personal Mastery
  • Presentation Skills
  • Change Fitness
  • Graduate Programs

Speaking Engagements & Programme Directing

  • Insights on Strategy, Leadership, Teams, Strategy and Igniting the human heart at work!
  • Programme Directing and Master of Ceremonies


  • Working with Fortune is always such a pleasure! She is a consummate professional who is customer focused and results oriented. Her calm demeanor always sets everyone at ease, she is always available for discussion and provides impetus for thought provoking debate.

    Anita Carollisen
    Head of HR, Foschini
  • Fortune facilitated our two-day strategy session. She was a pleasure to deal with and has a knack for engaging her audience and encouraging participation and collaboration. She provided relevant context and interesting examples to illustrate her points. We left with the output document in hand which is always a plus! Highly recommendable!

    Suzanne Annenberg
    Managing Director, EXACT
  • “Fortune –  the way you handled all the difficult, sometimes demanding and very different personalities was inspiring. You truly made sure that everyone had a voice but kept us on track and always with the bigger picture in mind. The outcome of such a strong vision and mission statement as well as Values that take us forward was something Anita and I were hoping for but we couldn’t have dreamed the outcome to become this phenomenal. The change process we have gone through has been a tough one but I truly believe that after this weekend we have even the biggest critics and detractors right behind us – what a way to move the company forward!”

    Tanja Koch
    Managing Director, DAV
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